What if you AND your family could feel CONFIDENT speaking Spanish?

Learn Spanish through Habits, so you can fit it into your summer schedule and truly CONNECT

Do you want to learn Spanish with real immersion... without traveling to another country? 

HabitSpanish is the best way to BLAST-OFF or RE-BOOST  your language learning efforts.

  • Simple step by step process to help you get SPEAKING SPANISH EVERYDAY sprinkled into what you are already doing.
  • ​Learn  words and phrases you'll actually use (not generic content in an app).
  • Retain the language through REAL EXPERIENCES.
  • ​Make Connections with native speakers.
  • Engage your family in a motivating, meaningful and fun way.
  • ​​Prevent the 'summer slip' if your kids are learning Spanish in school or another program.
  • ​​Great if you are limited on time. Multi-task Spanish while you do life!
This summer, you can learn Spanish with a  flexible, convenient, and motivating system... HabitSpanish! 

What does the the HabitSpanish Program look like?

Simple HabitSpanish System

Step by step guidance to speak Spanish everyday through proven recall methods like hands-on experiences and music, so that you won't learn it and forget it. 

Focused Success Path

No more overwhelm! Get clear direction to help your family improve in the language, whether your beginner or more advanced.

Classes with Native Speaking Teachers

8 small group, engaging classes over the summer at a variety of times and geared toward specific age groups. Get the support you want with pronunciation for every member of your household.  

We help you create Spanish habits at home, getting you over the fears of speaking, so you feel confident using Spanish in traveling or with native speakers in your community.

 It takes REAL authentic CONNECTIONS to SPEAK Spanish! 
And by that I mean speak it to REAL people… 
NOT just the eyeless Duolingo Amigo.
Real relationships keep you MOTIVATED to come back for more… again and again.

Here's what HabitSpanish families are saying...

"It had us all laughing... it was just fantastic! My husband got involved, even though his Spanish is very minimal...

"One of the hardest things is just getting into the habit of putting it into our everyday lives, and HabitSpanish has done this! It helps us connect with native Spanish speakers better than ever."

For the parents of resistant teenagers or spouses

"I really wanted my family to be more involved. The HabitSpanish program helped us work together as a family. Everything was in small bite-sized peieces, so nobody felt intimidated or that they were forced to...

"We've spoken more Spanish together as a family in the last 3 weeks, than we have the entire year." 

Introducing Habit Spanish: 
Connections and Tools to Make Real Progress

When you Join HabitSpanish you'll get Focused Fuel for Your Language Learning Goals, Including:

  • How to Ignite the WHY for your Family... Making Language Learning Exciting and Fun.
  • How to Connect with Native Speakers to Help you SPEAK AND LEARN Together.
  • ​Start Learning and Teaching Your Kids The Phrases You Actually Use In Your Home.
  • ​ How To Speak Confidently Even If Your Pronunciation Isn't Perfect.
  • Avoid The Big Mistakes That Cause Most People To Quit Before They Really Get Started.
  • STOP Worrying About What you Don't Know In the Language!

Excited to Find Out How? HabitSpanish Includes:

  • Spanish Success Path: Focused, actionable steps for every level to improve your abilities before your trip. 
  • Exclusive Community: LIVE Weekly Q and As to help support you and a strong community including native speakers!
  • Confidence to Connect: Use our tools to help you feel confident serving with WHAT YOU DO KNOW in the Spanish language.
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Time is Running Out...

P.S. The Exclusive Pricing Expire as soon as we reach 60 Founding Members. After that, we are closing the doors. Every minute you wait to join the Family Language Exchange Membership is another minute you will spin your wheels learning a language as a family. Start making connections and teaching kids a second language today!

P.P.S. - Don't just take my word for it... Take a look at these testimonials from happy families learning a second language just like you!

I'm so excited to take your family on the adventure of learning Spanish together! 

Hi! I'm Adrienne. 
I'm the Founder of Learn With Me Languages and I am so excited to help YOUR FAMILY learn Spanish!

You CAN make real connections with the langauge.

You can see fast progress in yourself and your kids. It all starts by simply making Spanish... a habit!

I can't wait to see you in the program! 

Questions? Feel free to email me adrienne@learnwithmelanguages.com 

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